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Includes electronic OR printed version of The Submarine Review

  • Active Duty E1-E3 or Officer Student (e.g., USNA, NROTC, SOBC, NPS, NPTU)
  • Active E4-E6/01-03                
  • Active E7-E9/O4-O10 

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Regular membership includes the electronic OR printed version of The Submarine Review.

Retired Military, Civilian

  • 1 year or 3 year membership

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Life membership may be paid in 5 equal annual installments.

  • Age 39 and younger      •     Age 40-59     •     Age 60+

Life membership includes the electronic OR printed version of The Submarine Review.

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 Individual NSL Membership Benefits

  • A lifelong professional association that promotes continuous open dialogue on issues of importance to the Submarine Force, provides a forum for discussion new ideas and critical commentary, and a means for publicizing the results
  • Regular e-mail NSL UPDATES on Submarine-related news, issues, personnel, and general information items
  • A subscription to our quarterly professional publication - The Submarine Review
  • Personal invitations to the “Annual Symposium”, “Submarine Technology Symposium” and “History Seminar” events
  • News of local NSL Chapter meetings and activities
  • Headquarters support for local chapter activities and member questions
  • A public forum for individual boat and command reunions

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