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2017 Submarine Reunions/Decommissionings





USS DALLAS is Scheduled for Decommissioning in Galveston TX on 9 April.

If you are a former USS DALLAS Crew Member and would like to attending the USS DALLAS Decommissioning Ceremony in Galveston TX, please email John Carcioppolo at gumba700@comcast.net with your full name, U.S. Postal Service mailing address and number of people who will be attending in your group and you will be put on the mailing list.

The CO's goal is to have a head count to the Dallas Navy League by 15 January. So your input is required to be to Carcioppolo by 13 Jan 2017. I apologize for the short lead time on this, but we had to wait until the Navy League and the USS DALLAS had confirmed the date, and that confirmation was just received yesterday.

Also if there are any shipmates that can't make it to TX , but, would like an invite for their scrapbook the command would support that as well. Please send your full name, U.S. Postal Service mailing address and instead of the number in your party please indicate "Invite Only".

There will be a USS DALLAS reunion scheduled for 2 - 4 March in Groton that will be addressed separately.

Any questions please give contact John Carcioppolo at either gumba700@comcast.net or (860) 514 - 7064.

Please spread the word to all of  your DALLAS Shipmates who may not be members of USSVI so we can maximize the number of people who are aware of the DALLAS Decommissioning ceremony.
John “Gumba” Carcioppolo




Web site: http://ussgrayback574.com/ for details

Dates: 2-4 May 2017

Location: Grand Plaza Hotel, Branson, Missouri

Contact: Mike Dimmick, CDR, USN(Ret),  (702) 810-8056,madimmick@cox.net


USS Rasher Reunion SS/SSR/AGSS-269

Sept 6 – 11, 2017

Napersville, Illinois

Richard Moore 804-815-0730


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